“The Breastfeeding Bottle has the potential to solve the common issues for parents who are choosing to transition between breast and bottle or for parents who are choosing to bottle feed”

-Dr. Danielle Larsen, MD CCFP

About the bottle

The Breastfeeding Bottle is the Natural Breast choice for your baby(TM). The Breastfeeding Bottle provides the warmth and breast-like feel that your baby will instinctively recognize.

The Breastfeeding Bottle is the only bottle truly designed to mimic mother’s breast. Its unique design supports transition between breast and bottle. This breast-like design helps offer mom peace of mind when she chooses to bottle feed as there is less likelihood of nipple confusion.

The Breastfeeding Bottle is manufactured In Canada using the highest quality FDA approved products The Breastfeeding Bottles unique bottom vented design offers two ways to reduce colic and spit up. First since The Breastfeeding bottle has a constant flow of air through its bottom vent, no air is introduced into the milk from the hole in the nipple, or as competitors bottles do through collar vents. Secondly since the bottom vent delivers consistent air flow it eliminates the possibility of the nipple collapsing and causing the frustrated baby to come off the nipple thus forming an air pocket which creates, burping, gas, and spit-up.

The Breastfeeding Bottles vent system is designed to help maintain 3 important vitamins A, C, and E for baby, with no bubbles forming as milk is removed. Bubbles forming in the milk have lower levels of all three nutrients. The Breastfeeding Bottle may be used with expressed milk or formula.

The design of The Breast Feeding Bottle allows the bottom to be removed to get to those hard to clean areas that milk and formula tend to settle. To clean in the dishwasher remove bottom and place both parts on top rack with regular cycle settings. The Breastfeeding Bottle does not require a bottle brush to clean.


Help Save Mom Inc. seeks to aid mothers and parents where other bottles fall short. Breastfeeding is recommended for both Baby and Mother from a nutritional standpoint and also for intimate bonding. Our Breastfeeding Bottle is the only bottle in the market truly designed after you, to help you and your baby when breastfeeding isn’t possible. Situations arise such as mom is returning to work, mothers milk doesn’t come in, mom is sore or tired or Dad wants to share in the bonding experience. The Breastfeeding Bottle provides the perfect alternative it compliments breast feeding where most bottles fall short. The bonding that a Mother and Child experience are so vital we the manufacturers of The Breastfeeding Bottle, created a unique design feature to address these concerns. Whether Dad or a Caregiver wants to help, Mom cannot be there or Mom simply just needs rest. The Breastfeeding Bottle is there to give Moms peace of mind and help remove the stress for whatever the reasons you cannot be there, The Breastfeeding Bottle will be.

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